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who am i?

You’ve most likely come across either liddlecreatives.com or liddleblogger.com and are thinking, what’s this all about? Who is this girl and what does she do? And most importantly, why should I use her services?

In a nutshell, I am an experienced graphic designer and copywriter, with a strong passion for seeing women in business treated well and succeeding in their missions and objectives.

My aim is to help women starting up their own businesses with graphic design, web design and copywriting for roughly half the price they’d pay for the same work through an agency. I’m a huge advocate for helping and supporting my fellow women through their ventures, not tearing them down or not playing fairly, be it through overcharging fees, hidden costs or just plain bitching. A Liddle love goes a long way <3


But I guess the most important aspect of using a new design service is trust. How do you know you can trust me to do a great job on your brand? Well. my experience speaks for itself. I have worked for international and local brands, from Snap Fitness to Flip Out NZ, Lauren & Louise to Oxygen Skincare. My clients range from builders to hairdressers, and every project is carefully thought out, researched and executed perfectly.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations from ECU in Perth, WA (and got invited back to study Honours!), but left for Christchurch to scope out the job scene and to explore outside of Australia. The decision to opt for Liddle means you’ve decided to choose a marketer, designer and writer all in one. Good job!


If you’d like to get the ball rolling on your new business, or want to discuss a collaboration, don’t hesistate to email me at info@liddlecreatives.com. You can also see my portfolio of work here.

Talk soon!

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